Table of Contents

Whatever Happened to Mary Janeway?: A Home Child Story


Table of Contents




   Background on Mary Janeway


   From Mary Janeway: The Legacy of a Home Child




   One - London


   Two - Summer in Goderich


   Three - Back in London


   Four - Mrs. B. Gets Sick


   Five - Woodstock


   Six - Hamilton


   Seven - The Lunch Pail Town


   Eight - Queen Victoria’s Birthday


   Nine - The Church Family


   Ten - Infantile Paralysis


   Eleven - Unexpected Visitors


   Twelve - Life Goes On


   Thirteen - A Dream Comes True


   Fourteen - Hamilton: A City of Firsts


   Fifteen - Missing Person


   Sixteen - Centennial Celebrations


   Seventeen - A Wedding and a War


   Eighteen - A Bitter Cold Winter


   Nineteen - Armistice


   Twenty - The Roaring Twenties


   Twenty-One - Mr. Jacques’s Funeral


   Twenty-Two - A Child Is Born, a Child Is Lost


   Twenty-Three - Picking up the Pieces


   Twenty-Four - A Knock on the Door


   Twenty-Five - Kingston Penitentiary


   Twenty-Six - Ottawa Street


   Twenty-Seven - Stony Mountain


   Twenty-Eight - Freedom at Last


   Twenty-Nine - The Great Crash


   Thirty - The Turning Point


   Thirty-One - A Family at Last


   Thirty-Two - A Milestone


   Thirty-Three - The Final Chapter








   About the Author