Chapter Eighty-Four

After We Fell

chapter eighty-four




You’re not staying in your pajamas the entire day again, are you?” Kimberly asks the next morning when she sees me sitting at the kitchen counter.

    I spoon a mouthful of granola into my mouth, so I’m unable to answer her. Because that’s exactly what I plan to do today. I didn’t sleep well after Hardin’s phone call. He has since sent a few text messages, none of them mentioning his odd behavior last night. I want to call him, but the way he hung up so quickly makes me think better of it. Besides, I haven’t paid much attention to Kimberly since I arrived. Most of my free time has been spent talking on the phone with Hardin or doing my first round of assignments for my new classes. The least I can do is chat with her over breakfast.

    “You never wear clothes,” Smith chimes in, and I nearly spit the granola out onto the table.

    “Yes, I do,” I reply, my mouth still full.

    “You’re right, Smith, she doesn’t.” Kimberly cackles, and I roll my eyes at her.

    At that moment Christian enters the room and places a kiss against her temple. Smith smiles at his father and soon-to-be stepmother before looking back to me.

    “Pajamas are more comfortable,” I tell him, and he nods in agreement. His green eyes look down at himself, taking in his Spider-Man print pajamas. “Do you like Spider-Man?” I ask, wanting to start a conversation that isn’t about me.

    His small fingers pick at his toast. “No.”

    “No? You’re wearing those,” I reply and point to his clothing.

    “She bought them.” He nods toward Kim. Then he whispers, “Don’t tell her I hate them; she’ll cry.”

    I laugh. Smith is five going on twenty.

    “I won’t,” I promise him, and we finish the meal in comfortable silence.