Chapter Thirty-Seven

After We Fell

chapter thirty-seven




Oh my God . . .” Lillian whispers loudly. I’m broken from my thoughts of my earlier fight with Tessa and look up to see what she’s gaping at.


    In a dress . . . that fucking dress that I was imagining her in. And it makes her already big chest look . . . I blink rapidly, trying to collect myself before she reaches the table. For a moment I’m convinced that I’m hallucinating; it looks even sexier than I imagined. Every guy she passes turns to look at her; one even knocks over his drink. I grip the edge of the table waiting for the asshole to speak to her. If he does, I swear to fuck—

    Tessa? Oh my God.” Lillian is practically panting.

    “Stop staring at her,” I warn, and she laughs.

    The man who knocked over his drink leans away from his wife as his eyes follow my girl.

    “Chill,” Lillian says, gently touching my hands. My scarred knuckles are now white from my tight grip on the table.

    Landon pulls Tessa close to him and away from the married asshole; she smiles up at him, and he pulls her even closer as they walk. What the fuck was that?

    Tessa stands behind Landon as Lillian’s parents and Karen and Ken go through the normal I’m-so-fucking-classy-because-I-shake-your-hand-even-though-I-saw-you-last-night shit. Before I know it, Tessa’s eyes find Lillian, and they widen and lower. She’s jealous.

    Good. I was hoping she’d be.