Love Lockdown: Dating, Sex, and Marriage in America\'s Prisons

Title Love Lockdown: Dating, Sex, and Marriage in America\'s Prisons
Author Elizabeth Greenwood
Publisher Gallery Books
Category Relationships Crime & Violence
Published 2021-07-13
Language English
Format EPUB
Pages 306
Downloads 368
Views 1,301


“I started reading this book and couldn’t stop…[Love Lockdown is] a clear-eyed, compassionate look at prison love stories, and I found every relationship riveting.”—Lisa Taddeo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Three Women

An evocative and gripping investigative look into romantic relationships between incarcerated people and their spouses on the outside from the author of the “mesmerizing” (Elle) Playing Dead.

What is it like to fall in love with someone in prison?

Over the course of five years, Elizabeth Greenwood followed the ups and downs of five couples who met during incarceration. In Love Lockdown, she pulls back the curtain on the lives of the husbands and wives supporting some of the 2.3 million people in prisons around the United States. In the vein of Modern Love, this book shines a light on how these relationships reflect the desire and delusion we all experience in our romantic pairings.

Love Lockdown infiltrates spaces many of us have only heard whispers of—from conjugal visits to prison weddings to relationships between the incarcerated themselves. A fascinating an...

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