History of Sex and Promiscuity Around the World

Title History of Sex and Promiscuity Around the World
Author Joe Darling
Publisher Joe Darling
Category History
Published 2016-07-13
Language English
Format EPUB
Pages 90
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“Free sex” or sexual liberation is by no means a modern phenomenon. Several pre-industrial, and even pre-agrarian and communities had no qualms about premarital and extramarital sex, group sex, and even wife swapping. Men have always acted upon the natural urge for sex outside the traditional confines of marriages imposed by society from time to time. In fact, the “guilt-laden” approach to free sex imposed by religion is of relatively recent origin, and the definition of what constitutes “vice” or “sin” has undergone a sea change over the years. This book traces the history of sexual freedom enjoyed by people in different cultures and civilizations, right from the early civilizations, to the present day,...

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