How to Date a Dragon: Magic and Mayhem Universe: Baba Yaga Saga, #2

Title How to Date a Dragon: Magic and Mayhem Universe: Baba Yaga Saga, #2
Author Donna McDonald
Publisher Donna McDonald
Category Paranormal Romance Fantasy Romance Romantic Comedy
Published 2018-08-27
Language English
Format EPUB
Pages 221
Downloads 97
Views 65


There were rules for dating dragons. The most important of all? Don't get burned.

Instead of the Jezibaba, in the last eight years she's become the Jeziblahblah. Dating her sexy academic dragon should have kept her mentally sharp, not caused her to drop all caution just because he looks good naked. 

She's getting soft—no doubt about it. Yet when a young troublemaking dragon named Thane starts causing problems for Carol and HIldy, she's the only one concerned.

She isn't the mothering type—no argument there—but she's always been their protector. Now her instincts are flashing warning signs about the young dragon and she's not going to ignore them no matter how innocent Damien believes Thane is. 

Time to give up pretending she's found a perfect love and face the true reality. Over the last eight years, she's dated a hot dragon and now is getting burned for giving him her heart.

With Thane still free to cause trouble, and Damien still not believing it's happening, her loyalty to such a disloyal dragon might end up being the worst mistake she's ever made in her life....

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