The CEO: An Interactive Book

Title The CEO: An Interactive Book
Author Owen Burke Duff McDonald
Publisher Gallery Books
Category Humor & Satire General Fiction
Published 2010-06-15
Language English
Format EPUB
Pages 226
Downloads 494
Views 1,434


You're the boss....

Now make an executive decision.

You are the CEO of Fleece Industries. So far, you've made all the right choices. The result: Your life's work -- building a company from an idea scrawled on a bar napkin into a clothing empire -- has reached a major milestone. Fleece is going to have an initial public offering and become a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. The instant the opening bell rings, you'll be worth tens, if not hundreds, of millions. It's a dream come true. Unfortunately that's when things get complicated. Now come the really hard choices.

What would you do if

You discovered that a rogue employee had been cooking the books?

Your mistress threatened to expose your affair to your wife?

You found yourself at the center of an insider-trading scandal?

Your daughter turned up in a sex tape on the Internet?

You found yourself considering the worst choice of all: MURDER?

Step up to the plate. What would you do if you were The CEO?...

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