Title It
Author Stephen King
Publisher Scribner
Category Thrillers Coming of Age Fiction
Published 2016-01-01
Language English
Format EPUB
Pages 1,606
Downloads 480,276
Views 960,548


Written byZLIBS Editors Welcome to Derry, Maine...

A small city, a place that is hauntingly familiar to your hometown, the only difference? In Derry, the haunting is real.

What begins as a childhood horror story - kids fighting an unimaginable evil that is terrorizing their town - grows into an epic tale that spans their lifetimes. IT tells the story of seven teenages who come across something only they can see, and when they try to seek help from the adults, they are laughed away. Through a series of trials and tribulations, the bumbling children manage to defeat the evil, or so they think.

Fast-forward to their adult lives, when many of these men and women have moved away from Derry. Some have sought success in the big world, and others pursue happiness. But no matter where, or what they are doing, they cannot escape the force that draws them back to Derry, back to face IT again.

Will they fare better as adults, dealing with this unspeakable horror that cannot be described? Will anyone believe them this time, now that they aren't children?

Many people fear returning to their hometowns as adults, but for this motle...

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