A Little Too Compatible

Title A Little Too Compatible
Author Lydia Westing
Publisher Bryant Street Shorts
Category Romantic Comedy Sports Romance Contemporary Romance
Published 2020-04-15
Language English
Format EPUB
Pages 21
Downloads 107
Views 85


Leather and Lace is a collection of romantic short stories from Bryant Street Shorts. We recommend starting with "The New Girl," the first story in this series, and then reading the rest in order. To find more stories in this series, simply scroll to “Titles In This Series,” located just below this description.

About Leather and Lace

The Ruby City Roller Girls are a small Midwestern roller derby team previously ranked 250 in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, but a new coach and a fresh batch of players gives the team the opportunity to go all the way to playoffs. Will the small team achieve big things this season? Or will they get too distracted by all of the fun, flings, and real romances they experience along the way?

As the Ruby City Rollers gear up for their big game against The Brighton Rollers Girls, their coach Cheese Whiz (AKA Aggie Vaughn) meets an attractive stranger at a local nightclub. The two hit it off right away but when Aggie finds out her gorgeous new girl crush is also the head coach of Brighton she’s unsure how they can make their star crossed romance work. Will Aggie be too distracted to lead her team to victory...

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