Royally Screwed

Title Royally Screwed
Author Wendy Dalrymple
Publisher Bryant Street Shorts
Category Contemporary Romance Romantic Comedy
Published 2021-04-22
Language English
Format EPUB
Pages 131
Downloads 518
Views 1,025


Destiny Meeks never wanted to be a gossip columnist, not even if it means she gets to interview the self-made monarch of St. Angelis Island. She wants to write about the good things happening in the world, not cover celebrity intrigue. But Destiny, just out of journalism school and with loans to pay back, can't afford be choosy.

Riel Paz never wanted to be a prince. He'd rather be in the sky, piloting his beloved planes on hurricane-relief missions. But it's his mother's fiftieth birthday, and he's charged with transporting her special media guests to the island for the weekend. He's sure nothing good can come from talking to a reporter from one of the most well-known gossip rags. But he can't seem to keep his eyes off her.

Overwhelmed by the delights of a tropical island and the allure of the moody prince, Destiny struggles to keep up her professionalism and convince herself that her job is worth keeping. And meanwhile, the queen seems to have a hidden agenda of her own......

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