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Morpheus Ravenna (Pronouns: Sí/Hir) is a genderfluid sorcerer, artist, and writer residing in the East Bay area of California. Sí is a dedicant of the Morrígan, with a practice rooted in animism, folk magic, and Celtic polytheism. An initiate of the Anderson Feri tradition of witchcraft, sí has practiced devotional polytheism and the magical arts for over twenty-five years. Sí is the author of The Book of the Great Queen (Concrescent Press, 2015) and a priest and co-founder of the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood.

Morpheus makes hir living as a tattoo artist, and sí creates devotional artworks and sorcerous crafts in a variety of media. Sí also practices medieval armored combat and is very fond of spears. Morpheus can be reached through hir website at